Delaware Registered Agent Service

Why Do I Need
a Delaware Registered Agent?


The Delaware Division of Corporations and Delaware Corporate Laws require that a Delaware Corporation or Delaware LLC appoint a Delaware registered office and agent.

A Delaware registered agent must have a registered office that is open during normal business hours to accept legal service of process and correspondence on behalf of the companies that agent serves.

A registered agent can be a Delaware resident or a business entity that maintains a business office in Delaware.

That’s the legal reason you need a registered agent. But the real reason is that, in the event papers must be served, people need to be able to get a hold of corporations, LLCs, and other businesses registered in Delaware.

For example, if you want to serve a Fortune 500 company, all you have to do is look up the company’s Delaware registered agent and send a certified letter. That’s proof the company has been notified.

Having a registered agent prevents companies from evading service of process, but if you own a company, it also protects you from having service of process agents knocking at your door. This is vital if you work from home or even if you just don’t want to get served in front clients (and who does?).

It may seem like a nuisance to hire and maintain a registered office and agent in Delaware, but we create a small barrier between your company and the outside world, acting as an important gatekeeper between you and the general public.

Plus, because we have the proper protocols and notifications systems in place, we get your documents to you as soon as we get them ourselves, ensuring that you can stay on top of your legal notices.

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Why We’re the Best
Delaware Registered Agent Service


Why are we the best? It’s simple. On top of cheap registered agent service, we offer FREE LLC formation and incorporation filing service.

Yes, you read that correctly—FREE LLC formation and incorporation filing service.

We’ll do the work of filing your formation paperwork with the Delaware Division of Corporations, and all you have to pay is the state filing fees plus our registered agent service fee.

All of our registered agent and business formation clients also get a 90-day free trial of our Delaware Business Presence Package, which gives you all the tools you need to create a professional and secure website, plus business email and a dedicated phone line with a DE area code.

On top of all this, we offer a variety of additional business services, including:

Of course, you can always order registered agent service and file your formation paperwork on your own, but if the cost is ultimately the same, why should you? Order now!

Our Registered Agent Service:


When you hire us as your Delaware registered agent, we charge you just $50. You get immediate access to your secure online account, and you can log in any time to view the documents we receive on your behalf.

All service of process and important documents are uploaded into your online account immediately in full scan. We’ll also send you timely reminders to file your annual franchise tax report and an email at the end of your service asking you if you’d like to renew.

In short, we give you professional, convenient registered agent service at a great price.

Our FREE LLC Formation or Incorporation Service:


If you hire us for free LLC formation or incorporation, we serve as your organizer and submit your formation paperwork to the state so that you can focus on more important things—like launching your business.

You’ll pay $50 for registered agent service, plus the $110 (LLC) or $109 (corporation) state formation filing fee and the $50 state fee for 1-day expedited processing. That’s $210 total for an LLC and $209 for a corporation. We do the filing at absolutely zero cost. You’ll pay exactly what you’d pay to hire us as your registered agent and file on our own.

Here’s what you’ll get when you order registered agent service plus free business formation:

  • Preparation of your formation paperwork*
  • Your paperwork submitted to the DOS the same day you place your order, with 1-day expedited processing time from the state*
  • Resolutions of the organizer (authorizing us to file for you and stating that we have no position or stake in your business)*
  • LLC operating agreement or corporate bylaws
  • LLC membership certificates or corporation stock certificates
  • Electronic delivery to your online account as soon as we get filed articles back from the state*
  • Originals mailed after we email you the filed certificate (if you want)*
  • Free use of our business address
  • Free limited mail forwarding
  • Ability to order additional filings, such as annual reports, DBA, and BOI filings
  • 90-day free trial for our Delaware Business Presence Package (domain name, website, SSL, email, and virtual phone service)

*Only available when your order business formation

Delaware Business Presence: Web + Phone Package:


Our Business Presence package is designed for business owners who want to get online quickly and/or haven’t created a website before. Our web services team will walk you through setting up your website for free and will continue to be available to answer any questions you’ve got over the phone during business hours.

Delaware Business Presence: Web + Phone services:

  • Domain name of your choice (ex: “”)
  • Website on a pre-built template wit h simple drop-and-drag editing tools
  • SSL website security to protect your website data and client information
  • Up to 10 email addresses at your domain (ex: “[email protected]”)
  • Virtual phone service & a number with a local Florida area code that you can access on your device

You get domain service free for a full year (up to $25 value), with reasonable renewal options ($25 average) after a year. You get all other services free for 90 days. Each service is $9/month after that. If you retain all service, you get a 20% discount.

What if you already have a domain and website? You can still get the free trial. Find out if you can move your domain and website over to us and save some green.

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Is It a Gimmick?


We understand you have many choices for Delaware registered agent service, so why choose us? Because unlike some other companies out there, we when offer you a great deal, we mean it.

Other registered agent and business formation companies, particularly the big national ones, also offer free business formation filing. However, they’ll also charge you an arm and a leg for registered agent service. We’re talking $100, $200, even $250 for the same service we offer with a $50 price tag.

They’ll also make you pay extra for many of the benefits we provide for free, such as business documents like an LLC operating agreement or corporate bylaws.

So, why aren’t we charging you more? Simply put: we don’t have to.

As a local company, our prices are enough to keep us in business, and that’s fine with us. We’re not going to unfairly overcharge you just to make a little extra cash. We’d rather do our job well and help lighten the load of starting a business without leaving you light in the pocket. That’s it—no gimmick.