Delaware Registered Agent Service

Why do I need a Delaware Registered Agent?

The Delaware Division of Corporations and Delaware Corporate Laws require that a Delaware Corporation or Delaware LLC maintain a Delaware registered office and agent. To be a Delaware registered agent, you must maintain a registered office that is open during normal business hours to accept legal service of process and correspondence on behalf of the companies listing such agent. A registered agent can be a Delaware resident, or be another business entity that maintains a business office in Delaware. That’s the legal reason.

The real reason is that people need to be able to get a hold of corporations, llcs, and any business registered in Delaware. If you want to serve a fortune 500 company, all you have to do is look up their Delaware registered agent and send them a certified letter. That’s proof that the company has been notified. Although this may seem like a nuisance to hire and maintain a registered office and agent in Delaware, we are your link to the outside world, and an important gatekeeper between you and the general public. It’s important to have a Delaware resident agent that has the proper protocols and notifications systems to get documents to you as we get them.

We include for FREE:

  • Our preparation of your certificate of formation
  • We file for you the same day you place an order
  • We process at the expedited 1 day filing time
  • Resolutions of the organizer (authorized person)
  • LLC operating agreement or corporation bylaws
  • LLC membership certificates or corporation stock certificates
  • Electronic delivery as soon as we get filed articles back from the state
  • Originals mailed if wanted after we email you the filed certificate

Your total out of pocket cost for a Delaware LLC or a Delaware corporation is only $210. That includes our $50 Delaware registered agent service fee, and the state filing fee (including the state’s $50 fee for 24-hour expediting). We do not charge to incorporate your Delaware corporation or form your Delaware LLC for you. You could say our Delaware Registered Agent service includes all this for free. You simply place a free incorporation order and we’ll get started. Plus, we offer Delaware Business Presence (domain, website, SSL, email, and phone service) for no additional upfront fees. This is how much we care about your business getting formed as fast as possible and done right the first time. At Delaware Registered Agent Service LLC we decided that it’s just too much work for you, our clients to navigate the Delaware incorporation process yourself. We might as well do it for you.

You can just order our Delaware registered agent service and do your filing yourself, but why would you? We do it for free!

The Best Delaware Registered Agent Service:

You’ll also receive timely reminders to file your annual franchise tax report, have a login into our database to see any documents we receive on your behalf, and get an email at the end of your service asking you if you’d like to renew. All service of process and important documents are uploaded into your online account immediately in full scan. It’s that simple. We do not charge extra for service of process. We do not charge extra to scan some mail we receive for you into your account. Our annual Delaware registered agent service fee is $50. Enough to make a living and not need to overcharge you.

Is it a Gimmick?

We understand you have many choices for Delaware registered agents. If you take a little peek at our sign up process, you’ll see you can either order our registered agent service only for $50, or you can have us do the filing for you for $210 total. We are the cheapest Delaware Incorporator and you will not find a cheaper price although you may find advertisements offering Delaware LLCs and Delaware corporations cheaper, after you get 5 minutes into the signup form, you’ll find yourself spending twice what you’d spend with Delaware Registered Agent Service LLC