Delaware Foreign LLC

Foreign Limited Liability Company in Delaware

A foreign Delaware LLC, does not mean that you are a foreigner forming a Delaware LLC. If you own an LLC located outside of the State of Delaware and you want to do business in Delaware, you will need to register your limited liability company as a foreign Delaware LLC. This means you might be a plumber or contractor in New Jersey of Pennsylvania, and you formed your LLC in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, and you need to do a job on the Delaware side. You register your LLC, then you’ll register to get a business license, and away you go.


Here’s the Delaware Foreign LLC Registration Form

You’ll need to know a little bit of information like your technical name, where it was formed, the exact purpose of what you’re going to do here in Delaware. And when you want to start operations here. The biggest hurdle, is you need to get a certificate of good standing or certificate of existence from your home state of LLC formation.

Here’s a couple popular states:

New Jersey Certificate of Good Standing

Pennsylvania Certificate of Good Standing

Maryland Certificate of Status

New York Certificate

All foreign LLCs in Delaware will need a Delaware registered agent Service. You can have this service from us for $50 a year.

After you sign up for Delaware registered agent service, you will be logged into your client portal where you’ll find the foreign Delaware LLC form you submit to the Corporations Division and the filing cover sheet.

We do not offer foreign LLC filing services, but we do offer Delaware LLC filing services for free to Foreign owners.