How to Change Registered Agents in Delaware

The time has come to upgrade.

The odds are you somehow got hooked up with one of the two massive Delaware registered agents that charge $3-400.00 a year just to act as your registered agent. You are one of the 8,000+ people a month that were graced by chance to meet the “prestige” of old massive companies and let your data get put in a hopper to get up-sold and up-sold and cross-sold. While they will do just fine for you, why overpay to just be a number?

Our cost structure is pretty basic. You’ll be charged $50 up front for one year of our registered agent service. One year from now, you’ll get an invoice from us for $50 for another year of service. You won’t get any other bills from us. There is nothing else to sell you.  You can rest assured that you won’t get any extra charges on your credit card statement after hiring us to act as your Delaware registered agent. And you won’t get your data passed off to a sister company to get put in a sales hopper for “other opportunities”.

The Right Price

There are mildly cheaper offers online. But what will you actually spend over the course of a year? $50 a year is a very reasonable price point, 1/5th the price of the big guys, and most importantly for you, it’s enough to not have to try to upsell you anything. Most importantly for us, it’s enough to keep our pricing strategy simple.

If you compare us versus the other registered agents you may find, you can pay us for almost 5 years of service for the price of one year with the massive organizations.

What will you get?

After you sign up, you will be logged immediately into your client portal. From there, you will have access to all the same state forms you would find on the different Delaware government sites. But the change of registered agent form is in there, along with a fax filing cover sheet you can use to file the change of registered agent with the Delaware Division of Corporations.

Your forms are already pre-filled with our information.

We provide compliance tools and auto-reminders for your filing requirements and annual reports. You can see more about our Delaware Registered Agent Service if interested in digging further.

How to change my Delaware registered agent to you?

  1. Sign up for our registered agent service below.
  2. There’s a form you have to sign and submit to the state to change over to us. It’s called a “Certificate of Change of Registered Agent and Registered Office” if you want to get all technical. There’s a different one for corporations and LLCs. But it’s super simple. We already have our information filled out. You just have to type in your company name, sign, and move on to step 3:
  3. There’s a fax filing cover sheet that you fill out with credit card information for payments direct to the state. Their fax number and mailing address is on the cover sheet. You simply send in both and wait about 1-3 weeks.
  4. Do a Delaware name search here in a few weeks or next day if you paid the state the expedite fee.
  5. Tell your old registered agent to screw off and overcharge someone else!