Terms and Policy Service Agreement

Service Agreement between Delaware Registered Agent Service LLC and you, the client.

The Chancery Court of Delaware governs Delaware Registered Agent Service LLC and any agreements with Delaware Registered Agent Service LLC are based upon Delaware law.

Delaware Registered Agent Service LLC’s financial liability is limited on all aspects, only to the fees paid to us for that year, which are typically $50.

Here’s the most important part:

It is the client’s responsibility to keep us up to date of any changes in its address, persons authorized to receive our notifications, reports, processes and legal matters. Client gives us the authority to open its’ mail received and forward on to whom the client designates. Delaware Registered Agent Service LLC cannot be held liable for failure to get law suits and official mail delivered to its client if client changes its contact information without notifying Delaware Registered Agent Service LLC. Client must maintain it’s client portal and keep accurate information. Client understands that we have to operate as a commercial registered agent and we are bound by certain rules and regulations the Delaware Division of Corporations maintains for registered agents here. We must have from the client at all times; who and where we are to forward service of process, who the members and managers of LLCs are, who the officers and directors of corporations are. We do not provide this information to anyone. We store it securely in your portal. But we do get audited by the Delaware Division of Corporations and need to be able to produce this information to state employees should they request to see it. In general, the state never takes this information with them. They simply check to see if we are maintaining it. Failure to provide us any of this required information is grounds for us to resign as your Delaware registered agent. No refunds will be provided should we have to resign as your registered agent because you won’t give us the information the state requires us to keep about your Delaware company. Simply put, if you won’t give us this info, we have to resign as your registered agent. We can’t be listed as an agent for someone and not have contact info for our clients.

The following are a list of our few extra fees that we hope never happen:

Late payment fee: $15.00
Interest: 29%
Excessive forwarding: $50.00 a month
ANY REFUND / you change your mind fee: $50.00
Disputed charges: $500.00

Disputed charges:
If you dispute a charge on your credit card when you forget that you hired us as your Delaware registered agent, we charge $500.00. This negatively affects our credit with our bank. Our terms of service are pretty short. We don’t even charge you to file your company. We’re just collecting state filing fees. Your company will be formed. There’s zero need to dispute a charge. Please give us a call and email before ruining our business credit.

If client cancels service with Delaware Registered Agent Service LLC, client agrees to hire a new registered agent, or dissolve or withdraw their Delaware company off the Delaware Division of Corporations Records