Free Delaware Incorporation Service

Some companies charge nearly $1000 for incorporation services. Not us. Delaware Registered Agent Service LLC won’t charge you a thing. We will incorporate your business for free, offering you the cheapest way to incorporate in Delaware. We even throw in Delaware Business Presence with no additional upfront charge. The only fees you’ll pay are the state filing fee and our low registered agent service fee of $50.

What You Get With Our Free Delaware Incorporation Service

  • We incorporate your business for free (all you pay is the state filing fees)
  • We access Delaware’s fast online filing system and have your business filing done the same day
  • We sign as your Delaware Incorporator to keep your personal information off the state records
  • We provide one year of Delaware registered agent service
  • We email you the filed articles as soon as we get them back
  • We include an operating agreement or corporate set of bylaws
  • We provide domain service (free for one year), as well as website, SSL, email and phone service (free for 90 days)

How It Works:

Step 1: You sign up for our free incorporation service here.

Step 2: You fill out a short form so we can collect the necessary information for your business formation filing.

Step 3: We will file your business formation documents with the Delaware Division of Corporations.

  • The LLC Form: Certificate of Formation
  • The Corporation Form: Certificate of Incorporation
    • Note: Delaware charges a fee for issuing shares of corporate stock. The fee is dependent on the number of shares issued and the value of those shares. We are assuming you’re OK with a standard number like 1000 shares so that the state won’t charge you more to form your corporation and the annual franchise tax fee would be significantly higher each year.
  • The Timeline:
    • 1 Day At No Extra Charge
    • Note: Our expedite system will have your filing entered into the Delaware Division of Corporations online system the same day, but the official stamped evidence may not be issued until the following day. We email you your filed paperwork as soon as we get it back.
  • Extra Services:
    • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    • S-Corporation election with the IRS
    • Corporate Book and Kit
    • Certified Copies of Documents
    • BOI Report Filing

Step 4: We act as your Delaware registered agent. You get one year of registered agent service. At the end of one year, you can renew for $50 or cancel the service if you wish.

Step 5: We will email you a stamped copy of your filing showing that your company has been formed in Delaware, and we always, by default, will store your formation paperwork in your client portal so you can access it anytime in the future.

That’s it!

Your Total Price: $210 (state fees and registered agent service)

Why are you the cheapest way to Incorporate in Delaware?

  • It’s free! We don’t charge you any additional fees for incorporation. Which means you can have us do it for you, and it won’t cost you any extra. All you pay is the state filing fee charged by the Delaware Division of Corporations.
  • We are Delaware incorporation experts. This is what we do everyday. It’s important to make sure you file your documents properly the first time. If you make a mistake, your business formation application will be rejected, and you’ll have to start over. When you hire Delaware Registered Agent Service LLC, we do it right the first time.
  • Why put your name on a permanent record? When we sign as your authorized person, your name and address stays out of the public record. If you file your formation documents yourself, your name and address can be viewed by the public.

Should I File a Name Reservation for My Delaware Company?

We don’t recommend it. It’s true that it guarantees a name for you to use, but there are two significant drawbacks:

  • It costs another $75.
  • It slows your filing process way down. You’ll spend weeks getting the reservation confirmation, when you could hire us and have your business formed by the next day.

Do I Really Need a Delaware Registered Agent?

Yes. You are legally required to appoint a Delaware registered agent. The Delaware Code states that every corporation shall have and maintain a registered agent (Section 132(a) of the General Corporation Law and Section 18-104 of the Delaware LLC Act).

Your Delaware registered agent is a critical point of contact between you and the State of Delaware.

We are also an important contact for the general public. When service of process of legal action against your company is sent, it will be sent to us. We will contact you immediately. This ensures a process to help you be aware of legal action being taken against your company.

Why do I have to have a website for my company?

There’s no law requiring companies to have a website, but it would be short-sighted not to get one. Why? Your website is like a storefront that every person in the world with access to the internet (that’s several billion people) can potentially walk up to and enter. This is one of the easiest ways to get information out about your company, show off your products and services, and even interact with your customers.

This is why we provide you with a domain name, website, SSL, email, and even phone service right when you sign up for our services. Everything is free for the first 90 days (though your domain name is free for a year), because we know how important creating a Business Presence is for any company out there.

When I Hire You Is My Personal Information Made Public?

No. This is one of the main advantages of hiring us to incorporate your Delaware company. When we file your formation documents, we will use our own name and address. Your personal information will not be a part of the public record.