Delaware Business Address

Benefits of A Professional Delaware Business Address


A business address is not just a number—it’s part of your business identity. The location you list shows customers, clients and potential partners where you’ve chosen to anchor your business.


And you want it to look professional.


What you don’t want is a temporary address, an unreliable address, or a P.O. Box. (That won’t get you very far with the Delaware Division of Corporations.)

When you anchor your business to Delaware Registered Agent Service, you get a professional business address in a commercial district right in the heart of Dover.

Need to receive mail at your Delaware Business Address?

We’ll give you 3 pieces of mail for FREE with Registered Agent Service. But if you need more than that, we offer three full-service mail forwarding options to fit the needs of your business:

Free* Mail Forwarding Basic Mail Forwarding Premium Mail Forwarding Delaware Virtual Office
Business Address
Same-Day Scans
Junk Mail Shredding
Secure Online Account
Phone Service First 90 Days FREE First 90 Days FREE First 90 Days FREE
Unique Suite Number
Conference Room Access Option to Rent
Office Lease
Number of Scans: 3/year +10/year +25/year Unlimited
  FREE* $49/year $99/year $19/month

*Our Registered Agent Service comes with 3 free mail scans. 

Business Address vs. Registered Agent Address

A registered agent address and a business address serve different functions:

  • Registered Agent Address: This is the address where you receive legal notices and important documents from the state.
  • Business Address: Your business address is where you receive everything else, from invoices and contracts to random inquiries. It also ties your business to a particular location, and in that sense: your business address bolsters your business identity.

Delaware Business Address FAQs:

What can I use my Delaware Business Address for?

When you hire us for Delaware Registered Agent Service, you instantly get a professional business address for your business. This is the physical address where—as your registered agent—we’ll receive service of process and documents from the state. But it’s also an address you can use for:

  • your website
  • company stationary
  • letterhead
  • business cards
  • other professional business documents

Can I receive mail at my Delaware Business Address?

Yes—but, you’ll need a unique suite number for that. We have three full-service Mail Forwarding options to choose from, all of which will give your business a unique suite number so you can start receiving mail at your Delaware Business Address. Our options range from 10 annual mail scans to unlimited mail scans with our Virtual Office Service.

Does Delaware require a physical address for your LLC?

Your registered agent is legally required to have a physical address in Delaware—but that’s it. The good news for you is: we’re located right here in Delaware, and when we’re your registered agent our address is yours. Win-win.