Delaware Foreign Corporation

If you own a corporation located in another state and want to conduct business in Delaware, you will need a Delaware Qualification certificate of a foreign corporation. This is obtained by submitting paperwork as a foreign corporation with the Delaware Corporations Division. After you submit your forms, the State of Delaware will return a filed certificate of authority to you. A foreign Delaware corporation is not to be confused with an out-of-country owner that simply wants to form a Delaware corporation. Any corporation not actually formed (created) in the State of Delaware is considered to be a foreign corporation. If you’re a foreigner, wanting a Delaware corporation, we will form your Delaware corporation for free.


How to get your Delaware Qualification Certificate:

  1.  Do a name search to see if your home state name is available. If it is great. If not, you need to choose a name you’ll operate in Delaware under.
  2. Get a certificate of existence from your home state. It needs to be dated within the last 6 months. Here’s some popular states pages on obtaining these certificates:

3. Fill out this qualification certificate of foreign corporation

4. Get a Delaware registered agent. We’re only $50 a year.

4. Fill out a cover sheet and send into Delaware

5. Wait to hear back from the state. You’ll get your filed qualification papers soon

6. Check to see if your business purpose will require a Delaware Business License The reality is it does. Sorry.