Forming an LLC in Delaware

The Delaware LLC is the most prestigious LLC in America.

A Delaware LLC is formed with the Delaware Division of Corporations. A Delaware LLC can be used anywhere in the US to transact business. A Delaware LLC can also be used to transact business anywhere in the world.

Steps to form a Delaware Limited Liability Company Yourself:

    1. Do a name search and see if your name is available
    2. Fill out your Delaware Certificate of Formation
    3. Choose a Delaware Registered Agent Service
    4. Fill out a cover sheet and either fax or mail it in to the Delaware Division of Corporations.
    5. ¬†Wait to hear back from the state. They will mail it back to you, but you can do a name search and see if it’s formed while you wait.
    6. Check out Delaware LLC Act. You’re forming a Delaware LLC. While we’ve got your attention, you might as well read some boring stuff that technically makes all this possible:

Delaware Title 6, Chapter 18 Delaware Limited Liability Company Act

If you want to file the paperwork yourself, you can sign up for our Delaware registered agent service and find all the necessary documents within your online account. A Delaware limited liability company is formed by filing Articles of Organization with the Delaware Corporations Division. The filing fee for LLCs is $90, and processing generally takes up to three weeks. After you get the paperwork back from the state, you’d typically need to find organizational meeting templates, a Delaware LLC operating agreement, and capitalize the LLC and document it through the internal paperwork.

Steps to starting a Delaware LLC if you hire us:

  1. Sign up for our Free Delaware LLC Formation Service below.
  2. Wait a couple days to get the emailed filed Delaware LLC certificate of formation back from us. It will also have internal organizational papers and a Delaware LLC operating agreement. All for $190.


We offer the lowest-priced Delaware LLC package currently available in our industry. With our Free Delaware LLC Formation Service, we will form your Delaware LLC in a single day, and you will pay a low total of $190.