How to Incorporate in Delaware

The Delaware Corporation

You can use a Delaware corporation anywhere in the world. A Delaware corporation is one of the most widely recognized forms of a business. Most of the biggest fortune 500 US companies are Delaware corporations. Many worldwide companies base their operations with a Delaware corporation. You can enjoy the benefits of incorporating in Delaware too.

When you form a corporation with us, you’ll be working with expert registered agents who will not only incorporate your business with ease and speed, but will give you the tools you’ll need to connect your business to the world right away. Our Delaware Business Presence service sets you up with a business domain name, website, SSL, email, and phone service, so you can get all you need in one place.

Steps to Incorporating in Delaware Yourself

  1. Do a name search and see if your name is available
  2. Fill out your Delaware Corporation Certificate of Incorporation
  3. Choose a Delaware Corporation registered agent
  4. Prepare a Filing Sheet to mail or fax into the Delaware Division of Corporations
  5. Sit back and enjoy the fact that you worked through that all by yourself and wait on the filing time slow down. You’ll hear back from the state direct in a few weeks. They eventually want to take your money.
  6. Since you’re into this right now. How about you spend some time reading the Delaware Corporation Act? It’s Title 8, and there’s chapter 1 and 5 of the General Delaware Corporations Law
  7. Once your business is officially incorporated, you’ll need to submit your Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report within 30 days (or, if your business is formed in 2024, within 90 days). Starting January 1, 2024, this federal report is filed online with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and includes name, address, and identification information for your corporation and its key players. Unlike state filings, this report is not made public and there’s no cost to file. Don’t want to worry about it? For just $9, we can file your BOI report for you.

Steps to forming a Delaware Corporation if you hire us:

  1. Hire us. It’s pretty simple. You can see more about our Free Delaware Incorporation Service. We don’t even charge you, and we prepare your certificate of incorporation, file with the state the same day, prepare your director and officer resolutions, provide you Delaware Corporation Bylaws, and set you up with Delaware Business Presence (website, email, phone). All for only $209. If you’re interested in registering your corporation with a trade name (DBA), we can take care of that too after you complete your purchase. Just select “Trade Name Service” inside your client portal.